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Rich Histories

Chemung County Courthouse

The member counties of the New York State Association of Counties have played roles in the French and Indian and the Revolutionary wars. We’ve led the nation in agriculture and manufacturing. Our waterways opened the way for travel and commerce to the west, and the counties along the Hudson and Mohawk rivers and the Erie Canal were critical to the strength and growth of New York State. (Left: Chemung County Courthouse.)

Links to information about each of New York's counties can be found on the right.

NYSACs Executive Director Stephen Acquario with the King's Charter

The King's Charter

New York's counties were established 330 years ago by an act of the British king. A copy of the charter was unveiled in the NYSAC office in December 2013 (right). View the full text of the charter establishing New York's counties.


County Web Sites

County Government Organization in New York State

New York State’s 57 counties outside the City of New York have generally adopted one of three methods of county organization. NYSAC has published an overview of those government structures and provides examples of each. Click here for the full report.

Working Together, Working for Life: Counties Promote Organ Donation

Together with NYSAC Past-president Ed Diana (who recently received a liver transplant), counties are encouraging residents to register as organ donors. (Click here to view and download resources for counties.)

Unfortunately, only 18 percent of New Yorkers age 18 and over have enrolled in the NYS Donate Life Registry, compared to the national average of 42 percent. NYSAC believes that counties can be the driving force to raise awareness and increase donor registration in New York.

Video: The New York Alliance for Donation and the New York Association of Counties are working together to save lives by increasing organ, eye and tissue donor rates across New York State.

NYAD & NYSAC Alliance for Donation from Upside Collective on Vimeo.

Resources for Counties:

Becoming a registered organ donor in New York State is easy and can be done online. Visit the New York Alliance for Donation website or the NYS DMV website to register.

View and share the Dr Oz PSA: Go the Extra Mile, NY: Become an Organ Donor!