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State Should Take Over Medicaid

Local officials pan tax cap

Genesee County asks for relief from mandates

Hurdles ahead for property tax cap

Putnam sheriff patrols could be casualty of tax cap

Local official takes part in anti-tax cap effort

Tax cap 'deal' far from being done

Diverse Groups Urge State Leaders to Put Brakes on New Tax Cap Plan

Local governments seek mandate relief

Genesee Officials strongly oppose state property tax cap

Cuomo in Utica: Tax relief needed for New Yorkers

Green County: Tax cap puts jobs at risk

Counties answer property tax cap agreement with mandate relief proposal

Teachers union seeks changes to property tax cap plan

Unions vow to fight property tax cap

State official: Mandate relief is on the way

From the weeds of the tax cap

Cuomo, leaders on cusp of property tax cap deal

Greene County administrator calls tax cap a ‘scam’

What the 2 percent tax cap deal really means for Central New York taxpayers

Franklin Co.: Mandate relief would make tax cap fine

N.Y. lawmakers hail tax cap agreement; Chemung executive calls it a ‘fraud’

Lt Gov Duffy Says County Execs Should Look At Their Own Spending


Editorial: Cap a good first step to lower property taxes

Mandate relief is sorely needed

Mandate relief is essential, too

A tax cap, warts and all

The tax cap and mandates

Keep tax cap free of gimmicks 

Reject the Tax Cap

The Feel-Good Tax Cap: Limiting property taxes doesn’t do a thing to rein in Albany’s spending

Tax cap wrong approach

County Executives speak with Editorial Board - VIDEO

Property tax cap, absent mandate reform, imperils county services

NYSAC's Property Tax Cap Testimony

Click here to read NYSAC's Property Tax Cap Testimony, delivered to the NYS Assembly on Tuesday, March 1st.

Click here to watch NYSAC's Property Tax Cap Testimony, delivered to the NYS Assembly on Tuesday, March 1st.

Click here to read the Executive Summary from the 9 for 90 Report.

Below are links to the ideas for mandate reform and relief submitted by county officials from across New York State.  Click on the links below to see specific ideas, which are organized according to which State mandate they apply to.

231 and counting. That's how many mandate relief ideas have been submitted to Governor Cuomo's Mandate Relief Team through the report: “Reforming Mandates, Reducing Costs.” The report is organized according to the most costly mandates that are funded by county property taxpayers.

“Counties don’t set the property tax levy, the State does. Each and every time State lawmakers require counties to deliver a new program or shift more of the cost of an existing program, they raise property taxes,” said Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, president of the New York State County Executives Association, a NYSAC affiliate that helped submit and compile the ideas for the report. County Executive Brooks is a member of the Governor’s Mandate Relief Team.




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