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Mayday for Mandate Relief

"Mayday" is an international call for help, derived from the French venez m'aider, meaning "come help me." NYSAC's annual "Mayday for Mandate Relief" campaign calls on the State to provide much-needed help to counties through mandate relief measures, and to pass legislation banning any new unfunded state mandates.

Every May for the past several years, counties have come together to pass resolutions calling for no new unfunded mandates. Learn more about how your county can proclaim "Mayday for Mandate Relief" and download several resources for your county.

Video: NYS Mandates and County Property Taxes (2014)

Help Enact Mandate Reformgreenlight

County leaders across New York know that mandate reform is critically needed, and together we are urging State officials to act on that need.

View NYSAC's report: Roadmap to Mandate Relief

NYSAC launched to enable county officials and residents to email their State Senators and Assemblymembers, urging them to enact real mandate relief this year.

Promote this site in your county by posting a link on your website, announcing the effort at county board meetings, and encouraging community and business groups in your county to spread the word.

County 9 for 90 Campaign

Recognizing that 9 State mandates consume 90 percent of the county property tax levy statewide, NYSAC's 9 for 90 Campaign focused on the challenges counties face in addressing a property tax crisis that stems from decisions made in the State Capitol, not the county courthouse. 

Click on the links below to see specific ideas for mandate reform and relief submitted by county officials from across New York State, organized by State mandate.

Read more about the 9 for 90 Campaign.


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