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Pre-School Special Education

New York State’s Pre-School Special Education program provides essential services like speech and occupational therapy to children between the ages of 3 and 5 years of age who have special needs. The challenge of the program in New York is that it is misaligned between the payer and the provider of services. Counties have no real role in the preschool special education program, yet counties pay 40.5% of the costs.

NYSAC has published a series of policy papers and reports on Pre-School Special Education.

Pre-School Special Education Resources and Reports


The Numbers: Statistics on Approved Services (by county)

Fact Sheet: Bringing Greater Accountability to the Preschool Special Education Program

State Comptroller's Press Releases on Pre-School Special Ed Audits (2012):

Articles: New York's Pre-School Special Education System in the News

Additional Resources

Legislative Action Center Includes

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