Mayday for Mandate Relief

"Mayday" is an international call for help, derived from the French venez m'aider, meaning "come help me."

NYSAC launched the 2017 "Mayday for Mandate Relief" campaign to call on New York State to provide much-needed mandate relief for counties and local governments. 

Last year, nine state mandates consumed 99 percent of the property taxes levied by counties across the state, outside of New York City. This year's state budget raised district attorney salaries that must be paid by counties with no state reimbursement. 
Additionally, new state-imposed indigent legal defense requirements will significantly impact eligibility for those in need of criminal defense counsel. Again, the state is mandating local action without providing resources to offset costs.

Read more about the ongoing county call for mandate relief.

Mayday in Your County

Counties are encouraged to localize the impact that state mandates have on county budgets, and send a message to state representatives that more needs to be done to enact mandate reforms that relieve local property taxpayers. For supporting materials, see below.

Mayday for Mandate Relief Resources: