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May 2 - 4, 2018
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September 24 - 26
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Rescuing 9-1-1

UPDATE: May 16, 2017
As a result of NYSAC’s Rescuing 9-1-1 Campaign, the 2017-18 State Budget included the authorization for counties to collect a public safety surcharge on prepaid devices, which was a NYSAC Legislative Priority this year. This legislation requires sellers to collect a surcharge on the sale of each prepaid wireless communications service or device sold within the state. The state public safety surcharge authority is effective December 1, 2017 and thereafter.  The prepaid surcharge will be collected at the point of sale under the state’s sales tax law.
In addition, the new law allows New York City and all counties the authority to charge the $.30 local public safety surcharge on ALL prepaid and postpaid devices. Current law only allows surcharge collection on postpaid devices. All counties must act through their local legislative body to adopt a local law, ordinance or resolution. These can be effective for purchases made beginning December 1, 2017 if the locality passes a local law or resolution and provides appropriate notice to Taxation and Finance of a change in the local sales tax law. Even if you currently have a local law for post paid $.30 public safety surcharge, your county still has to adopt one of the resolutions below:

NYSAC confirmed with representatives from the State Tax and Finance Department a model process to implement this new law. Attached are two resolutions for counties to use in compliance with the new law. If you have any additional questions please contact Dave Lucas or Katie Hohman at our NYSAC offices (518) 465-1473.

Establishing and Continuing Your County 9 1 1 Cellular Surcharge
Webinar PowerPoint, June 15, 2017 

9-1-1 call centers are vital to the safety of our communities, but our local 9-1-1 services lack the funding stream needed to keep up with advances in technology and new federal standards.
The “Rescuing 9-1-1” campaign was launched to call attention to the importance of 9-1-1 services throughout New York State. 

Associated Press: Fees meant to update 911 system get diverted to other uses (10/16/16)
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