New York State Association of Counties' mission is to foster excellence in county government and unite the voice of New York’s county leaders.

As the voice of county leaders throughout New York State, NYSAC communicates the needs and recommendations of our county officials to State lawmakers. Local government is at the heart of New York State, and NYSAC is proud to represent the counties and their elected and appointed officials throughout New York.
The New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) represents New York’s 62 counties, including the City of New York, before Federal, State and Local officials on matters germane to county governments. We educate, train and provide research on public policy to Federal, State and Local officials and to the membership on issues important to counties.
Throughout its history, NYSAC evolved along with our counties, helping them meet their challenges. As local governance became more complex, the association became more important than ever. We have come to be the one and only “Official Voice” of all counties, large and small.  This voice influences federal and state policy in ways that benefit counties and the New Yorkers we all serve.
NYSAC’s success comes from our ability to unify all counties, regardless of size, region, or political ideology, around the shared interests of a diverse state. Our collaborative approach empowers county officials to advocate for their needs, network, and learn from each other.
We are NYSAC: The United Voice of New York’s Counties!


Fast Facts about NYSAC:

1. NYSAC was established by county officials in 1925.

2. NYSAC is governed by a non-partisan 15-member Board of Directors, composed of county officials representing New York's 12 Judicial Districts.

3. NYSAC's policy agenda is set through 12 standing committees, made up of county officials who are experts in their fields.

4. NYSAC has saved taxpayers over $5 billion since 2005 in one program reform alone: Medicaid.

5. Along with NY's other municipal associations, NYSAC launched the Municipal Innovation Exchange to foster government efficiency and service-sharing at the local level.