Statement from NYSAC Executive Director Stephen Acquario Applauding Governor Cuomo for Protecting Public Health and the Environment by Signing Bill to Ban the Incineration of Toxic Firefighting Foam

NYSAC applauds Governor Cuomo for signing legislation to end the incineration of firefighting foam.

NYSAC applauds Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for signing legislation (S.7880-B Breslin/A.9952-B McDonald) to end the incineration of firefighting foam that contains toxic PFAS chemicals.
Since the 1970s, Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) have been used in firefighting foams because of their ability to produce a fast-spreading foam. However, we now know that these “forever chemicals” accumulate in our bodies and the environment and have been linked to serious health effects, including birth defects, delayed development, liver and immune system damage, and cancer.
Ending the incineration of PFAS is the right thing to do to prevent these dangerous chemicals from being released into our air and water and threatening the health of neighboring communities. We commend the Governor for continuing his strong environmental legacy by signing this legislation into law and making New York the first state in the nation to prohibit the burning of firefighting foam containing PFAS.