NYSAC Statement on the veto of Public Defense Mandate Relief Act

Statement by NYSAC President William E. Cherry on the Governor's Veto of the Public Defense Mandate Relief Act
The Governor's veto of the Public Defense Mandate Relief Act is a disappointing setback for counties across New York State who are desperate to see evidence of real mandate relief from Albany.  We all know that property taxes are far too high in New York, and those high taxes are driving population out of our state.  Unfunded state mandates, which are Albany's way of creatively shifting the costs of state programs down onto the backs of local governments, account for 90% or more of those tax bills that will arrive in New Yorker's mailboxes this week.  If the Governor is really serious about cutting property taxes in New York State, then leaders in Albany have to face the fact that they alone hold the key to lower taxes.  Take back the costs of your state programs, pay for them through a balanced state budget, and stand back and watch local property taxes decrease dramatically.

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