Legislative Program

“This Legislative Program was developed by county delegates, and reflects the need for specific state or federal action. These priority issues have a direct impact on local governments, our businesses, and the New Yorkers who live in our communities.”
- NYSAC President William E. Cherry
Agriculture and Rural Affairs
• Support funding for local agricultural assistance programs
• Increase support and funding available to counties to fight the rabies virus
Children and Families
• Fully reimburse counties for outstanding Early Intervention (EI) claims that predate the Statewide Fiscal Agent
• Require EI provider claims to be timely filed with commercial insurance and Medicaid
• Remove counties from the fiscal responsibility of preschool special education and transportation costs
• Improve transparency and accountability by the NYS Education Department in the preschool special education program
Community Colleges
• Increase State FTE aid by $30 million to fulfill the state promise to support one-third of the community college
tuition costs
• Provide statutory clarification to the new chargeback methodology that says rates be set “up to” the
maximum rate
Economic Development
• Support investments in workforce development to ensure New Yorkers can fill today's job openings
Energy and the Environment
• Continue to relieve local taxpayers from costs of disposing electronic waste and paint
• Advocate for additional state aid and Environmental Facility Corporation (EFC) grants for clean water and
sewer infrastructure projects
• Promote the expansion of and access to Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout all counties in the state
• Maintain casino revenue shares to counties to cover public safety, social services and infrastructure cost increases associated with state licensed gaming facilities

Indigent Legal Defense Services
• Implement the Public Defense Mandate Relief Act (S.8114 / A.10706) to improve criminal justice reform 
by enhancing public defense services and providing counties with meaningful mandate relief
• Call on the State Office of Indigent Legal Services to provide counties with flexibility regarding the new
eligibility guidelines for County ILDS Programs

Human Services
• Provide additional resources and technical assistance to county-operated nursing homes as they transition to
a mandatory managed care model
• Restore the 50/50 state/county cost sharing for the Safety Net Program
• Provide sufficient resources for counties who provide safe and secure housing
• Fund increased costs to the county-operated child protective service programs if the state installs a
caseworker cap
• Hold localities harmless from new costs associated with federal changes in the child care block grant that will
require significant investment but is not funded by the federal government or the state
Local Government Finance and Tax Relief
• Support a four-year authorization of all local sales tax extenders when renewed in 2017
• Increase DMV revenue distribution to counties to reflect efforts at county clerk-operated DMV offices
• Ensure no costs are shifted to counties as the state continues to take over local Medicaid administration
• Hold counties harmless from changes in the federal Medicaid program or the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Public Health and Mental Health
• Increase support for Article 6 programs by raising the base grant and increasing state reimbursement to local
health departments
• Support statewide awareness of Lyme Disease and other tick borne diseases
• Increase funding to support the treatment of county inmates with substance use disorders, mental health
needs, HIV, and Hepatitis C
Public Safety
• Fully reimburse counties for state-mandated District Attorney Salary increases
• Direct more funds to emergency communication dispatch centers, ensure the Public Safety Surcharge is collected on all devices capable of accessing 9-1-1, and create a statewide 9-1-1 board
• Enact legislation that promotes video conference court appearances for county jail inmates, and allow all counties the option to provide detainees with pre-arraignment hearings in any court in the county
Public Infrastructure and Transportation
• Continue the state and federal fiscal commitment to counties for maintaining our local road, bridge, culvert and airport infrastructure
• Repeal of the New York State Scaffold Law or reform to include a pure standard of comparative negligence
• Expand design-build opportunities for counties