Uber/Lyft Come to Upstate New York with New Regulations

Ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft will begin to operate throughout New York State by the end of the month.  
Thanks to legislation signed by Governor Cuomo early last week, ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft will begin to operate throughout New York State by the end of the month.  Three state agencies - the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Financial Services, and the Workers' Compensation Board - have issued emergency regulations that address many aspects of the industry, such as insurance requirements and the application process for becoming a ride-hailing company. 
Many of the new requirements will make ride-hailing services safer for customers when they come to Upstate New York on June 29.  As part of the new regulations, the company's app must feature a photo of the diver; the make, model, and color of the vehicle; the vehicle's license plate number; and the fare or estimated fare for the ride about to be taken.  The vehicle must also display a prominent emblem of the driver's employer on the passenger side.  Another requirement mandates that companies adopt anti-discrimination policies for all passengers, including those with disabilities.  
To become an approved ride-hailing service, the company must have an app to connect with riders and submit an application to the DMV.  The application fee is $100,000, but $90,000 will be refunded if the company is not approved.  There is also an annual renewal fee of $60,000.  The DMV is required to establish complaint procedures for license violations, and the company itself must establish a process for consumers to issue complaints.

For more information, you can find the complete list of emergency regulations online.  DMV regulations are available here, DFS regulations are available here, and Workers' Comp Regulations are available here.