Sullivan County Legislative Chairman Alvarez named to National Association of Counties' Board of Directors

Luis A. Alvarez has been appointed as a member of the NACo Board of Directors.
​Sullivan County Legislator Luis A. Alvarez has been appointed as a member of the National Association of Counties' (NACo) Board of Directors.
NACo President Roy Charles Brooks, a Tarrant County, Texas commissioner, named Alvarez as an at-large member for a one year term, effective on September 11, 2017.
According to President Brooks, “The Board of Directors meets four times a year to oversee the business of NACo, as well as to approve interim and emergency policy recommendations. These policy recommendations are presented to the membership for adoption at the Annual Conference and are then published in the American County Platform.” Brooks continued, “As elected and appointed officials, we have both the responsibility and privilege to serve the public. Our members of the NACo Board of Directors have an even greater opportunity to work with colleagues nationwide to help strengthen the organization and their own counties.”
Since its founding in 1935, NACo has brought county officials together to engage in discussion and advocacy on national policy, county solutions, and more. NACo is currently in a pivotal position as both federal and state governments are pushing more responsibilities down to the local governments largely without adequate resources. As NACo's primary governing body, the NACo Board of Directors plays a major role in the life of the association. 
"I am extremely proud to represent Sullivan County and all of the Counties of New York on the National Board which represents 3,069 counties throughout this nation," Alvarez said. "I recently completed the County Leadership Institute sponsored by NACo, and I look forward to using these skills and contributing to the National effort, including supporting NACo President Roy Brooks efforts to address poverty in underserved areas of the United States,” added Alvarez.