State-Approved Local Government Efficiency Plans Shine Light on Municipal Innovations

Government Efficiency Plans (GEP) submitted by NY local governments were approved by the State Division of Budget.

Government Efficiency Plans (GEP) submitted by New York Counties and other local governments were approved yesterday by the State Division of Budget, paving the way for Property Tax Freeze Rebates to flow to homeowners across the state this month. 

Read the NYSAC report: County Government Efficiency Plans.

The recession, the state-imposed property tax cap, and the State's property tax freeze rebate program have all heightened local government's focus on shared services, consolidations, efficiencies and reductions in service delivery. This heightened focus was represented in the 2014-15 State Budget.

Under the terms of last year's budget, counties and municipalities seeking a property tax rebate for their homeowners had to submit a local government efficiency plan to the state Division of Budget by June 1, 2015. These plans must project savings through an approved GEP of 1 percent of their respective 2014 property tax levies for years 2017, 2018 and 2019. In order for residents to receive a rebate from the State of New York, their respective levies must also stay within the parameters of the State's cap on the growth of the property tax levy.

“Collaborative efforts at the local level are paying off for property taxpayers, and we are pleased that both state leaders and our residents recognize that we have been streamlining local operations to make our governments more effective and efficient,” said NYSAC President Maggie Brooks, the Monroe County Executive.

“The state's target was to save 1 percent off their 2014 property tax levy for three years. For the 48 counties included in NYSAC's data collection, that represents $46 million. In the end, these counties saved more than six times that target. They are saving local taxpayers more than $290 million per year for a three year total of $882 million,” said NYSAC Executive Director Stephen J. Acquario. “County officials from all corners of the state submitted more than 1,300 different projects over the seven year period through an intergovernmental collaboration of 556 counties, towns, cities and villages.”

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