Fulton County Presented with "FOUNDATION AWARD" by NYSAC and NYMIR

"Foundation Award" Presented to Fulton County 

The New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) this week presented Fulton County with the "Foundation Award" for its instrumental role in creating and improving the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal (NYMIR), a liability/casualty insurance company created to provide insurance services to local governments in New York.
On Sept. 25, Fulton County government officials were present at the NYSAC Annual Seminar in Rochester, NY where they accepted the first-ever NYMIR 25 Year Foundation Award.
In 1993, the Fulton County Board of Supervisors and local Cities, Towns and Villages banded together with 26 local government subscribing members to launch the company.
NYMIR has dramatically altered the municipal insurance market in New York State and has now grown to include over 800 counties, cities, towns, villages and special districts.
"This unique reciprocal put municipalities in control of their own costs and how it has driven down the cost of insurance over two decades - even for governments that are not NYMIR subscribers," emphasized Kevin Crawford, Executive Director of NYMIR, as he participated in the award ceremony.
Stephen Acquario, Executive Director of NYSAC hosted the Foundation Award presentation during the Fall Seminar luncheon with several hundred government officials from around the state in attendance.
"This is a 25-year shared services program that should be celebrated across the state as saving local taxpayers millions of dollars over the years," said Acquario.
Over the years, NYMIR's reputation as a premier full-service insurer spread across the state and today the name is synonymous with the most comprehensive coverages and risk management programs available.
A majority of over 1600 general purpose municipalities in New York State are now members, making NYMIR the largest municipal property and casualty underwriter in the entire state.
"What started as a small insurance reciprocal owned and operated by New York's local government now provides insurance coverage for more than 880 local governments in New York, including 33 counties," said NYMIR President Bill Cherry, the Schoharie County Treasurer.
Fulton County, New York and specifically, Jon Stead, Fulton County Administrative Officer, provided the necessary participation to launch the program. Mr. Stead, who served as the first President of NYMIR at its formation and is still a member of its statewide Board of Governors, offered comments when the award was dedicated.
"The decision to move forward and join an entirely unique and untested venture 25 years ago was a difficult one, but all our local governments knew it was the right thing to do," said Stead.
Chairman of the Board of Supervisors James Groff, Vice-Chairman Jack Wilson, and Stead accepted the award on behalf of Fulton County.
"The work of the three municipal associations in forming NYMIR was absolutely integral to putting together an effective organization," added Stead in his remarks on accepting the award.
"NYSAC, in particular, has guided our County and supported other member counties all along the way. This unwavering support has helped make NYMIR the most successful example of inter-municipal cooperation in New York State history," said Stead.
"Today, NYMIR is the largest and best insurer for local governments because that's all we do, so we understand and help mitigate the risk of loss by working with each and every member," said Cherry.
"It is my pleasure as the NYMIR President to present the first ever NYMIR Foundation Award to a county who was instrumental in the creation of NYMIR 25 years ago this month," Cherry said when he presented the award to Fulton County leaders.
The NYMIR 25 Year Foundation Award presentation ceremony.
[Shown left to right: Supervisor Charles Potter, NYSAC Executive Director Stephen Acquario, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors James Groff, Administrative Officer Jon R. Stead, NYMIR President William Cherry, Supervisor Jack Wilson]