Celebrating Counties and Communities

NYSAC Highlights County Functions During National County Government Month


In conjunction with National County Government Month, the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) has released a report titled 101 Ways Counties Serve New Yorkers and Strengthen the Quality of Their Communities. Throughout the month, NYSAC will be highlighting the many ways that counties serve residents and support communities. 

The report looks at several categories of county services, including Health & Human Services, Mental Health, Environment, Economic Development, Public Health, Judiciary, Public Safety, Emergency Management, Infrastructure, Elections, and Recreation.

While most New Yorkers benefit from the programs and services counties provide, few know just how much their county government does. The campaign seeks to educate the public, as well as state lawmakers, about all the ways counties serve their communities.

"New York's regional governments were formed to deliver important programs and services, and we continue to do just that today,” said Stephen Acquario, NYSAC Executive Director. “It's not always easy to see the many ways county governments positively impact the lives of their residents. We hope to shed some light on the numerous roles of New York's county governments.”

“National County Government Month is the perfect opportunity for our counties to showcase how they serve residents and achieve healthy, safe and vibrant communities,” said Charles H. Nesbitt, NYSAC President. “101 Ways Counties Serve is just the beginning – there are hundreds of additional ways that each of our counties serve residents. Through this campaign we hope to educate New Yorkers about the role of local government in their daily lives.”

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