Rensselaer County Launches "ER Anywhere" App for Medicaid Patients

The partnership brings together county and private resources to expand access to healthcare. 

Today, Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin announced the details of a new public-private partnership designed to improve the quality and accessibility of health care for Medicaid patients in Rensselaer County. 
The partnership brings together county and private resources through United Concierge Medicine, CDPHP, County DSS, and 9-1-1 services to provide a mobile app that enables patients to connect with emergency medical providers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Under this system, called “ER Anywhere,” CDPHP Medicaid patients will be able to consult with emergency medical providers to discuss treatment or to triage any acute medical issue.  
The system allows emergency medical professionals to assess the situation and even provide for a direct hand off to 9-1-1 if it is deemed necessary. The goal is to provide quick access to medical professionals for patients, while reducing the number of unnecessary emergency room visits.
The unique partnership is the first of its kind in New York State that brings these public and private entities together to increase the quality and accessibility of health care to Medicaid patients, while lowering costs. 
The New York State Association of Counties commends County Executive McLaughlin for leading this innovative and cost saving public-private partnership and the association will share this new model of health care delivery with counties across the state.
View a brief video from the press conference.

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