COVID-19 Blog: New State Grants to Local Health Departments (LHDs)

NYS Department of Health is allocating $8.3 million to counties local health departments for COVID-19 response activities. 
Notice of these awards went to public health directors yesterday and is being made through a separate Public Health Crisis contractual agreement and are in addition to the COVID-19 funding that was recently added to your Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) contract.  The COVID-19 awards are based on county populations and will be 136% of your current PHEP award. DOH will start emailing contractual agreements tomorrow. The award is for 12 months through 3/15/21 and available for expenditure immediately.   This COVID-19 contract will also include emergency placeholder funding in the ‘Restricted' budget category in the amount of $500,000. The placeholder will allow us to make additional awards quickly if needed.

Please speak with your Public Health Director or Commissioner for details.

State Point of Contact: 
Scott Bieg
Grants Administration, Office of Public Health
New York State Department of Health
150 Broadway, Suite 516
Menands, NY 12204-2719
(518) 408-2063