Constituent Savings Programs

After conducting a rigorous due diligence process, the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) has chosen to partner with the following companies as preferred service providers. NYSAC believes these superior programs that can help counties save money and provide exceptional services.


County Dental Network Access Program

Did you know that an increasing number of New Yorkers do not get regular dental care?
Going to the dentist can be costly, especially for individuals and families who don’t have dental insurance. NYSAC has recently renewed its program designed to provide member counties with a way to help residents gain access dental services at lower rates for services for cleanings, cavities, and crowns.
Retirees, recent college graduates, small business employees, seniors, and the unemployed are among the groups that most often find themselves without dental coverage, so they put off dental care for themselves and their families.
The County Dental Network Access Program is a partnership between NYSAC, the Health Economics Group (HEG), and Dentamax, one of the largest national networks of dentists.
The program can provide residents with access to dentists in your community who accept the same dental fees, sometimes even lower than they accept with insurance company contracts.
The program costs $36.50 a year for an individual or $52 a year for a couple, and one visit to the dentist more than pays for the cost of becoming part of the network access program.
To enroll, for more information, and to find participating dentists in your community, visit

ProAct Prescription Drug Discount Card

Since 2005, county leaders across the state have been doing just that by helping their residents save money on prescription drugs, vision services, Lasik eye surgery, and hearing aids.
The County Prescription Discount Card Program has been offered by 49 counties, and over the years has saved New York residents over $277 million dollars on over 7.3 million prescriptions.
The County Prescription Discount Card is offered free of charge through a partnership between the county and ProAct, Inc., a Pharmacy Benefit Management Company based in Central NY.
Working alongside the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC), ProAct partners with counties to offer residents access to the program through the county website, county departments of social services, public health, and offices for the aging.
Residents can download and print a discount card through the dedicated website at

This video provides step by step directions for how to download a new card.

Some of these partnerships provide fees to NYSAC in exchange for the endorsement, marketing support and program oversight, and for the right to be the exclusive provider of the products under the program, which is a common practice in the public sector market. These fees help to stabilize dues for our member counties and benefit member counties through our ability to improve and expand the services, education, and training that we provide.