Transportation related articles. 

County urges residents to adopt voluntary travel restrictions - April 9, 2020
Oswego County residents have been asked to adopt the voluntary travel restrictions that would limit trips outside their home to certain days of the week based upon the year they were born.

Herkimer County enacts guidelines for travelers - March 30, 2020
In response to concerns raised about individuals and families who may visit the area to stay at their summer home or another place in the county, Herkimer County officials have laid out guidelines for visitors and tourists to follow. “Visitors and tourists are an important part of our economy and Herkimer County is always happy to welcome them here,” said a statement issued by the county. “Recently, with the spread of COVID-19 throughout New York state, we find it necessary to protect our shared community.” 

Suffolk shifts from containment to mitigation strategy to best direct County resources  - March 22, 2020
County Executive Steve Bellone said the county's response has shifted toward a mitigation strategy as the virus has now been spread throughout the county. This strategy includes a new policy to begin rear boarding for Suffolk County transit to help protect drivers. The first few rows of the bus will also be sectioned off to create a larger buffer between the public and the drivers. The County is also encouraging everyone to avoid using cash on Suffolk buses and instead to download the mobile app, Suffolk FastFare.  

Broome County Transit waves rider fees - March 19, 2020
Broome County's buses continue to run, although they're now free to ride and have a very different seating configuration. BC Transit went fareless and is now asking passengers to board and exit from the rear door. That will keep riders and drivers from being in close proximity to one another and reduce the need to touch cash and the fare box. 

Tell MTA What You Need Riding The Subway Amid Coronavirus: Survey - March 18, 2020
A survey is asking New Yorkers who still need to use public transportation during the coronavirus what they need.