Counties: Working for You

New York State counties deliver vital programs and services to the people in their
communities. They are at the heart of our state, working directly with and for their residents. 

Read 101 Ways Counties Serve New Yorkers and Strengthen the Quality of Their Communities (March 2019).

The original purpose of county governments was straight forward: counties built roads, protected residents, and delivered social service programs.

Today's counties do all of those things, and much more. Counties provide hundreds of services, from public health to public safety, from supporting local industries to delivering state programs. 

Counties pass resolutions, ordinances, and local laws. Counties are often the first to fight against societal challenges such as drugs and environmental hazards. ariel view
Counties deliver meals on wheels, provide support for families, youth, and senior citizens, run parks and recreation programs, promote local tourism, and cultivate community. 

Counties make a difference to the people of New York State in ways large and small, every day. 

National County Government Month

National County Government Month (NCGM), held each April, is a celebration of county government. Counties can schedule activities any time during the month. NCGM is an excellent opportunity for your county to highlight effective county programs and raise public awareness and understanding about the various services provided to the community.
View County Government Month resources from the National Association of Counties, including a sample proclamation, media relations tools, logos, and tools for teaching students about county government.

View and share the video below, which highlights some of the ways in which counties serve to connect their communities.


County Resources 

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