Employee Benefits

After conducting a rigorous due diligence process, the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) has chosen to partner with the following companies as preferred service providers. NYSAC believes these superior programs that can help counties save money and provide exceptional services.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Program

NYSAC has been working with ProAct for over 10 years on a partnership that started with a county discount prescription card and a PBM for self-insured counties. There are currently 12 counties using ProAct as their PBM.
Health insurance costs continue to be one of the largest items in a county budget, with costs rising between eight and 16 percent across the board. Pharmaceutical costs are part of the growing expenses. Ten years ago, counties asked NYSAC to explore effective and efficient programs and services that can help them manage costs. The partnership with ProAct helps us achieve that mission.
ProAct offers county employees lower-cost prescriptions, and saves taxpayer dollars through their quality and competitive prescription benefit management program. 


Learn more at https://secure.proactrx.com/.

Deferred Compensation Retirement Program

Our Nationwide Retirement Solutions program provides county employees with the opportunity to invest a portion of their wages in a retirement account.

To learn more, visit www.nrsforu.com/rsc-web-preauth/index.html


Some of these partnerships provide fees to NYSAC in exchange for the endorsement, marketing support and program oversight, and for the right to be the exclusive provider of the products under the program, which is a common practice in the public sector market. These fees help to stabilize dues for our member counties and benefit member counties through our ability to improve and expand the services, education, and training that we provide.