Intergovernmental Affairs

As the regional governmental entities in New York State, counties administer and deliver many programs and services that cross levels of government. The Intergovernmental Standing Committee addresses issues that arise from these cross jurisdictional endeavors. Amond the resolution topics recently addressed by the Intergovernmental Standing Committee are elections (primary dates and costs), indigent defense services, department of motor vehicle operations, crude oil transportation, and a constitutional convention. 

NYSAC White Papers, Reports, and Articles

Recent Resolutions

September 2018

January 2018

  1. Resolution Urging New York State to Fully Fund Early Voting Operations
  2. Resolution Commending the State’s Efforts to Improve Cyber Security for Election Systems, and Calling for Expanding those Efforts to include all County Information Systems
  3. Resolution Urging Governor Cuomo And the State Legislature to Amend State Insurance Law to Allow Shared Municipal Health Insurance Consortiums
  4. Resolution Urging the Governor and Legislature to Renew Their Commitment to Fully Fund the State Share of Community College Costs and to Fully Fund the Costs of FIT Chargebacks for Students Working Toward Bachelors and Masters Degrees
  5. Resolution Calling on the State to help Counties and Local Governments Reduce Local Taxes by Prohibiting Cost Shifts and New Costs to Counties, and Taking More Fiscal Responsibility for State Health, Human Service, and Public Safety Programs
  6. Resolution to Amend Section 224 of the New York State County Law to Clarify Counties May Appropriate Funds Towards the Development, Maintenance, or Management of Affordable Housing