Mandate Monitor

Mandate Monitor Tool for Counties (2019) - Counties in New York differ greatly from other local governments across the state due to the large number of state programs counties must administer and fund with local resources. 

Counties are required under New York State law to implement and finance more than 40 state defined and controlled programs including:
...and dozens more.  

In most states, counties are not required to pay for these types of programs to the same degree as counties in New York.  

In return for administering and paying for these mandated services, the State partially reimburses counties, but the shortfall is made up by county property taxpayers. 

A high number of state imposed mandates = high property taxes.

Medicaid is the number one state imposed cost for counties. The cost of Medicaid paid by counties equals about half of the county property tax levy statewide (outside NYC).

Mandate relief for counties and local taxpayers requires the State to lower the cost of state mandated programs. This will reduce pressure on local property taxes. Effective in 2015, legislation enacted by the State Legislature and the Governor capped the growth in the counties’ share of Medicaid costs at $7.5 billion per year. This represents a strong commitment to reducing pressure on local property taxes. Counties continue to advocate for further reducing the cost of state mandates. 

When the state takes more fiscal responsibility for their own programs, counties can lower property taxes.

The links below provide more information about the types of mandates counties must implement on behalf of the state and what that means for local taxpayers. 

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