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NYSAC produces videos and podcasts featuring experts on topics pertinent to county government.

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County Sales Tax 101 (10/31/19)
This episode of County Conversations highlights what county leaders need to know about sales taxes. Since 2009, Dave has been the lead advocate for all things dealing with county taxation and finance, including the State Budget, Medicaid, and state and local revenue issues including home rule.

Offering a Hand Up - Alternative to Panhandling (9/519)
The Hire Ground Workforce Development Program in Central NY is featured on this episode of County Conversations. The program, partnering with My Father's Kitchen, provides public work projects as an alternative to panhandling.

Powering Employment Through Purchasing (8/20/19)
This episode features a conversation about county involvement with NYSID, through purchasing goods and services which advance employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Deconstructing the Prison Pipeline: Workshop Teaser (8/14/19)
This episode discusses the Suffolk County community based task force focused on seeking solutions to juvenile crime. The program will be featured in a workshop at NYSAC's Fall Seminar.

Open Your Government (12/21/18)
This podcast features an interview abut New York's Open Meetings Law, and a sneak peek into a workshop for the 2019 NYSAC Legislative Conference.Guests include: Bob Freeman, Executive Director for the Committee on Open Government; Patrick Cummings, Counsel with NYSAC.

Recycling and Impact on Counties (9/17/18)
This podcast features representatives from New York counties at a DEC Stakeholders Meeting concerning recycling.

Raise the Age Webinar (7/24/18)
This podcast features a selection from the July 24th NYSAC Webinar - Raise the Age Update on State Implementation Efforts. 
View the entire webinar at the following link:
Additional Raise the Age resources for counties can be found here.

Integrity and the Law of Small Things (7/20/18)
This podcast features an interview about integrity - what it is, how it can be taught and practiced, and what that means for government officials. Guests for the program include: Stephen Acquario, Executive Director of NYSAC, and Stuart Brody, founder of Integrity Intensive. Brody's book "The Law of Small Things: Creating a Habit of Integrity in a Culture of Mistrust" will be published in January, 2019.

See the Signs, Save a Life Conversation (7/2/18)
This podcast features a conversation about the See the Signs Save a Life Campaign, with raises awareness for signs of opioid addiction through a partnership with the NYS Association of County Coroners and Medical Examiners and the NYS Association of Counties.

Funding for County Jail Substance Abuse Services (6/21/18)
This podcast features a press conference on June 19th concerning funding for county jail-based substance abuse treatment services. 

Cyber Security and Election Security (6/8/18)
This podcast is a selection from the 6/5 State Board of Elections Webinar on cyber security and securing election systems. 
NYSAC Municipal Healthcare Financing Collective (6/6/18)
This podcast discusses the NYSAC Municipal Healthcare Financing Collective and how it can benefit counties and taxpayers.

NYS Volunteer Firefighter Benefit Program (5/30/18)
This podcast discusses the New York State Volunteer Firefighter Benefit Program.

NYSAC News Brief: 30 Day Amendments (2/27/19)
NYSAC's Stephen Acquario gives a 4-minute overview of the Governor's 30-Day Amendments to the NYS Budget and the county impact of those changes.

Early Voting - NYSAC President Charles H. Nesbitt Jr. (2/13/19)
NYSAC President Charles H. Nesbitt Jr. explains why counties need funding in order to correctly implement early voting

NYSAC 2019 State Budget Workshop? (1/31/19)
The State continues to face fiscal hurdles even as the economy improves. This session will review how the Governor's proposed budget will close the fiscal gap while addressing the concerns of the new legislature.

Webinar video: Plastic Bags and the Environment (6/12/18)

End-of-Session Legislative Update (5/31/18)
Stephen Acquario, NYSAC's Executive Director, presents an update on the New York State legislative session.

State and Municipal Facilities Program (4/20/18)
Stephen Acquario, NYSAC Executive Director, on the State and Municipal Facilities Program

NYSAC 2018 State Budget Overview (4/11/18)
NYSAC's Legislative Team discusses how the budget impacts counties in the following areas: 
Medicaid & Human Services,
Changes in Taxation, Responding to SALT, and Revenue Actions; 
Raise the Age and Combating the Opioid Epidemic; 
Early Voting & Shared Services; 
Indigent Legal Services, Sexual Harassment Policies; 
Agriculture & Environment, Economic Development, Census; 
Transportation Funding