Gaming & NAA

Traditionally, NYSAC’s focus on casino gaming was to supply information to county members who were impacted by Native American gaming operations.  However, with the growing number of racinos and the recent legalization of private casinos in New York, gaming is now an issue that directly impacts all our county members.  Counties are keenly aware of the increased services they will need to provide as casino gaming grows throughout the state.  This committee focuses to ensure state funding is provide in accordance with the county service increases such as local road and bridge usage, public safety concerns, as well as social service outreach and needs.  

County governments have a long history of working alongside Native American tribes. By working together, both entities can learn from one another and provide the services their residents need. New York State's counties reap the benefits that come with embracing cultural diversity in our communities.  NYSAC also assists our members with understanding the legal complexities that can come with having tribal reservations within county borders.  

NYSAC White Papers and Reports