NYS Counties
Established 330 years ago by an act of the British king, New York's counties are at the heart of New York State. From Niagara Falls to the Finger Lakes, from the Adirondacks to Long Island Sound, New York's counties represent diverse landscapes, cities, towns, farms, mountains, and everything in between.  
The member counties of the New York State Association of Counties have played roles in the French and Indian and the Revolutionary wars. 

We’ve led the nation in agriculture and manufacturing, we've been pioneers of industry, conservation, and technology. 

Our waterways opened the way for travel and commerce to the west, and the counties along the Hudson and Mohawk rivers and the Erie Canal were critical to the strength and growth of New York State. 

Our county governments provide vital programs and services that keep our communities humming and support residents and businesses.

Our counties remain home to vibrant communities, cutting-edge businesses, world-class colleges and universities, and natural beauty. 

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