NYSAC Reports

NYSAC Coronavirus Economic Impact Reports: Vols. 1-4

Taxable Sales Comparison: Coronavirus Economic Impact Part IV

A NYS County Update: Coronavirus Economic Impact on Counties Part III

Lost Revenue and State Aid Cuts: Coronavirus Economic Impact on Counties Part II

Coronavirus Economic Impact: County Sales Tax Revenue Projections

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Communicating in a Crisis

NYSAC, in collaboration with Summers Strategies, has authored a guide with simple steps and tips for communicating in a crisis.


Special Bulletins

Between the Legislature and COVID-19, news is breaking at a pace like we’ve never experienced — and it all directly ties to the work New York’s counties are doing. To help keep you as updated as possible, NYSAC issending out  “Special Bulletins” to make sure you are getting the latest news that may not be dominating the airwaves, but is critical for you to know as a county leader. 

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