Public Employee Relations

NYSAC's mission includes helping our members run the most efficient and effective local governments possible. Doing more with less while providing high quality services is a goal all our county members strive to achieve. 

Public Employee Relations are an important component in achieving this goal. Issues surrounding public employee relations include sharing best practices, managing local budgeting, developing personnell policies, budgeitng around payroll expenditures, and employee training.

NYSAC White Papers and Reports

Recent Resolutions

September 2018

January 2018

  1. Resolution Calling on the State of New York to Fully Reimburse Counties for District Attorney Salary Increases That Are Set and Controlled by the State
  2. Resolution Calling on the State to Pay for Any Required Increases in Cost to the Child Protective Service Program
  3. Resolution Calling for the Full Repeal of the New York State Scaffold Law or Reform to Include a Pure Standard of Comparative Negligence?
  4. Resolution Calling on the State to Increase the Salary Cap for Retired Public Employees Seeking County Employment