Existing Shared Services Initiatives

The list below is of shared services initiatives that are already in place in counties around the state.

View a list of new shared services ideas here.

NYCOM's list of city/village shared services. 

NYSAC reports on previous Shared Service initiatives:


Existing shared services, by county:

911 dispatch (existing)
Equipment sharing (informal)
Code enforcement (informal) 

Equipment purchases (existing)
Pooled bids (existing)
Insurance (existing)
Combined 911 dispatching (existing)

Animal control (existing)
Road work (existing)
Recreation (existing)
Assessors (existing)

Commodity purchasing (existing)

Highways (existing)
Buildings and grounds (existing)
Payroll (existing)
Purchasing (existing)
Information technology (existing)
Animal control (existing)
Assessors (existing)

Dutchess County Public Transit Service Expansion in the City of Poughkeepsie
Self-Insured Workers' Compensation Plan extended to Local Municipalities
911 Dispatch – Shared with the City of Poughkeepsie
Automotive Fuel Acquisition- Shared Fueling Stations
Centralized Copier Contract for Municipalities & Special Districts
County Bulk Supply Purchasing/Storeroom
In-House County Printing & Copying Services available to municipalities
Centralized County Purchasing & Contract Administration
Surplus County Furniture & Equipment provided to municipalities
Shared IT Services by County for Municipalities
Electronic Public Outreach by Municipality through County Vendor
Website Development by County for Municipalities
Centralized Emergency Management Services through County
Emergency Management/Fire Rescue & Emergency Medical Services Coordinated Units & Training
Integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) County-wide
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Municipal Resources & Joint Human Resources Trainings
Dutchess County Urban Consortium
Planning Assistance/Consulting for Localities
Public Defender Conflict Swap with Ulster County
Contracted Snow & Ice Control Operations
Real Property Tax Assessment Administration Support
Senior Services Partnerships for County-wide Senior Center & Services
Sheriff Road Patrols & Security Services
STOP-DWI Program Coordination with Municipal Police Agencies
Dial-A-Ride Transit Services with Sponsoring Municipalities

Consolidated a number of departments year ago, including Community Development and Planning, Youth Bureau, Stop DWI and Traffic Safety, into the Department of Community Resources (and several of those departments were folded into the Department of Social Services).

Tax collection (existing)
Garbage truck service (existing)
Countywide planning services (existing)
Countywide fuel depot (existing)
Consolidated dispatch center for all public safety entities (existing)

Election management, lists, voting machines, supplies (existing)
Dispatching services (existing)
Central NY Interoperable Communications Consortium (CNYICC) (existing)
Highway maintenance (existing)
Snowplowing (existing)
IT services (existing)
Public health (existing)
Purchasing (existing)
Social services (existing)
Solid waste and sanitation (existing)
Equipment and labor sharing (existing)

Sharing of sewer camera between Brockport, Hilton, and Spencerport
Sharing of salt storage between the Town of Sweden and the Brockport Central School District

New Hartford stores Utica's salt trucks
Utica shares equiptment with New Hartford's DPW
County mailroom handles city mail
Shared material screening plant in Lee
Camden volunteer ambulence service contracts with other towns and county

Provided NYSAC with a timetable of existing shared services.

Sharing equipment (e.g. "zipper" that takes up asphalt) (existing)

East of Hudson Watershed Corp (storm water regulations) (existing)
Putnam County Commission for Fiscal Vision and Accountability (existing)
Video court appearances (existing)

Shared Services Currently Occurring Between Municipalities (Not County)
Highway equipment & manpower (cost avoidance)
Towns of Reading & Starkey (Yates County) share Code Enforcement Officer
Town of Montour & Village of Montour Falls share Court
Villages of Watkins Glen & Montour Falls Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant also includes Towns of Dix and Reading
Town of Catharine & Village of Odessa and the Town of Reading & Village of Watkins Glen share mowing services & maintenance
Village of Watkins Glen supplies water to Towns of Reading & Dix
Town of Montour, Villages of Montour Falls & Burdett, and Schuyler County – MEGA participation
Town of Hector provides water to Village of Burdett
Landfill Commission (oversight of closed landfill - 6 towns)
Shared Services Currently Being Done Between Municipalities (Including County)
Consolidated Weights and Measures Department (Schuyler, Chemung, Yates)
Shared Records Management Facility (County, WG Schools, Village of WG, Town of Hector)
County Assisted Assessing
Shared Legal Counsel for Certiorari Defense
Shared Fuel Facility (County, Towns, Villages, NFP’s)
School Resource Officer (Village of WG/WGCSD)
County Information Technology Department outsourced to BOCES 
IT Services IMA between County and Town of Tyrone
Shared Public Works Facility (County, School, Village WG)
911 Dispatch between Schuyler County & Village of Watkins Glen includes Records/Administration
Consolidated Transportation Department - Watkins Glen & Odessa-Montour School District
Watkins Glen & Odessa-Montour Athletics merged sports teams
Economic Development – SCOPED (public/private partnership)
Schuyler/Chemung Health Insurance Consortium
Combined Staff Development Position DSS (Schuyler/Steuben)
Shared ADA (Schuyler/Steuben)
Central Garage – Vehicle Maintenance & Repair County/Towns/Villages
STN Dark Fiber Open Access Network (Schuyler, Yates, Chemung, Steuben, Broome, Tioga, Tompkins)
STC Regional Planning (Schuyler, Steuben, Chemung)
Court Security (County, Hector, Reading)
Code Enforcement (Schuyler, Yates)
Mental health Clinical Services (Schuyler, Yates)
WGI – IMA for law enforcement coverage w/ 9 counties
Dog Control (County provides for Towns)
Summer Youth Recreation Program
PH Shared STD Clinic (Schuyler/Chemung)
Radio Consortium (Interoperability) 9 County
HazMat Response Team (Schuyler, Chemung, Steuben, Tioga)

Sharing town assessor and code enforcement (existing)

Consolidating village police departments with the county
Providing specialized police units to cities and towns in need
Utiliizng the county's planning and land use experts to develop a master plan for the Village of Rye Brook