Shared Services Ideas

The list below is of new ideas generated by countywide shared services panels.

View Shared Services initiatives already in place.

Jason Garnar
(County Executive)

Merger of emegency radio towers
Project partnering the Broome County Dept. of Social Services and the Binghamton City School District
Pharmacy Prescription Coalition

Jack Searles
(County Administrator)

Joint procurement and/or coordination of GIS/GPS services with the County 
Joint procurement of professional engineering services 
Joint procurement of building demolition services 
Shared or coordinated Property Tax Assessing 
Joint procurement of Health insurance or participation in the Health Insurance Cooperative 
Participation in a Workers Compensation Cooperative 
Joint procurement of animal control services
Development/maintenance of a DPW equipment list across municipalities and standardizing calculation of DPW shared services savings

Consolidating town justice courts
Shared highway machinery purchases and software-based systems for towns to reserve equipment and avoid conflicting requests
Shared procurement of natural gas and electric utilities
Shared procurement of legal counsel

Keith Batman

Submitting in 2018

Consolidating fire departments
Moving from a town assessor to a county assessor
Sharing town justices
Fleet management
Combining water treatment systems (not possible in six week timeframe)

Vince Horrigan
(County Executive)

10 projects are being developed for the county's Municipal Consolidation and Efficiency Competition (MCEC) grant application.
Storm water management project
Joint police and court facility
Consolidation of the towns of Gerry, Charlotte, and village of Sinclairville into one municipal entity
Merging fire departments

Tom Santulli
(County Executive)

Court consolidation
Sharing of large highway equipment
Central HR staff
Michael Zurlo
(County Administrator)

Combining the Rouses Point village police with the sheriff's dept.
Centralized assessing
Tax collection
Code enforcement
Dog control
Snow and ice agreements
Law enforcement consolidation
Sewage treatment plant facilities and water

Eric Mulvihill  

(Clerk of the Legislature)

Shared tax collection with schools
Shared purchasing of office supplies
Shared accounting services
Some municipalities may join Tompkins County health consortium
Consolidated vital statistics (birth/death certificates)                          
Shared RSPs for road projects

Jessica White
(Budget Director)

Shared salt and paving material purchasing
Motor vehicle repair
Website development and maintenance
Shared court facilities
Drug Task Force efforts
Municipal solar farms
Regional project with Dutchess and Ulster counties partnering to expand their Conflict Defender Swap program into Family Court, projected to save nearly $70,000 over the two-year period

See Dutchess County website for more information.

Mark Cornell
(Budget Analyst)

Contracts to maintain grass, fields, and roadsides 
Dan Palmer
(County Manager)

Centralized IT department
Jon R. Stead 
(Administrative Officer)

Contract tax collection
Garbage collection
Integration of the city police departments of Johnstown and Gloversville
Integration of the fire departments of Johnstown and Gloversville
County central highway department
Countywide police force

Jay Gsell
(County Manager)

Assessment services
Back office IT support
More inter-jurisdictional courts

Shaun Groden
(County Administrator)

Consolidated ambulance service
Shared legal services via county attorney
Employee trainings
Broadband expansion via consolidation of cable TV franchises
Grant writers
Animal control consolidation and sheltering
Consolidated street lighting
Procurement services
IT services
Payroll, accounting, fixed asset software management
Code enforcement
Property tax collections
Property assessing services
Snow plowing service with central school districts
Road snow plowing, roadside mowing, stripping, signage
Health care program consortium
Records management
Consolidated - unified town/village/county courts systems
Law enforcement consolidation
PSAP consolidation
Water - sewer special district mergers
Fire dept. consolidations
General property casualty and liability insurance
Hunting licenses, birth/death certificates
Parks and rec - programming
Fleet maintenance
Jim Wallace
(County Administrator)

Highway consolidation with towns
Public safety sharing between villages (fire, police)
Purchasing (equipment, etc.)
Joint health insurance
Codes and assessment

Ian Coyle
(County Administrator)

Justice court consolidation
Something with health insurance
Combining fire districts
Codify/place into IMA form pre-existing shared services grant-writing arrangement with the municipalities

Mark Scimone
(County Administrator)

Shared courts
Municipal health insurance
Shared IT services 

Matthew Ossenfort
(County Executive)

Consolidation of the village and town of Canajoharie
Shared municipal building in Canajoharie
?Consolidation of court systems
?Consolidation of law enforcement
Improved electronic records management

Anthony Picente
(County Executive)

Public works
Animal control
Snow plowing

Joanie Mahoney
(County Executive)

Consolidation of busing for schools
95 proposals in total

Mary A. Krause
(County Administrator)

Cyber security
IT services
Grant writing

Steven Neuhaus
(County Executive)

911 dispatching
County takeover of emergency services radio communications

Chuck Nesbitt
(Chief Administrative Officer)

Plans to offer municipalities to share the county’s dispatch services, property assessment and procurement

Philip Church
(County Administrator)

Shared records center
Combined health insurance
Justice court consolidation
Shared purchasing

MaryEllen Odell
(County Executive)

Joint purchasing, including energy and insurance
Shared highway equipment - plowing services
Shared storage facilities
Reduce back office administrative overhead
See Putnam County website for a video of the first meeting.

Edwin Day
(County Executive)

Countywide Animal Control Program
Cooperative purchasing of paper and other items through the Empire State  Purchasing Group
Bulk purchase of LED lighting
Shared printing through BOCES
Shared police dispatching
Formalizing agreements among highway departments
Joint bids for landscaping and custodial services
Dissolution and sharing of small village courts

Ed Kinowski

Bulk purchasing of supplies
Putting all government retirees into one Medicare pool

Rory Fluman
(Legislator, Chairman of the Committee on Intergovernmental Cooperation)

Development of another 15 megawatts of solar farm arrays
Switch to more efficient municipal lighting systems
Municipal lighting fund
Health care cost consortium
Joint purchasing cooperative

Tim O'Hearn
(County Administrator)

Tax Collection-Consolidation and/or Privatization 
Centralized Code Enforcement
Health Insurance Consortium    
Property & Liability Insurance Consortium   
Workers Compensation Consortium   
Consolidated Courts   
Shared PH Emergency Planner (Schuyler, Yates) 
County Wide Enhanced Recycling/Composting/Curbside Pickup 
Joint Purchasing   
Fire Departments - Procurement
County Wide Law Enforcement Agency / Police Consolidation 
Planning-Economic Development/Grant Writing   
Centralization of Issuance of Licenses – Dog, Birth, Death, Hunting
Consolidated/Central Board of Assessment Review (Grievance Day)
Web Hosting
Shared Water Operator
Municipal Consolidations
Regional Wastewater Treatment / Governance

John Sheppard
(County Manager)

Consolidated 911, emergency medical response and fire dispatching
Centralized highway administration and purchasing
Property and liability insurance consortium
Consolidated payroll services
Consolidated website hosting
Consolidated fleet or vehicle management
County assessment department
County tax collection
County trash pickup
Reduction of county highway dept.
County zoning officer with a unified ordinance to enforce
Dissolution of Seneca Falls, Waterloo and Interlaken police depts.
Centralized highway depts.
Dissolution of villages
Dissolution of towns
Jack Wheeler
(County Manager)

Road repair
Bridge construction
Mobile work program
Joint purchasing
County auction/sale of surplus items
Joint radio system and broadband communications and consolidation efforts
Shared public works equipment and personnel
Shared GIS mapping
Cooperative purchase for public works materials
Shared dog control
Sewer management and operation
Shared assessor

Joshua Potosek 
(County Manager) 

Electronic records management
Police dispatch
Shared parks administration

Jon Kaiman
(Deputy County Executive)

Shared parks administration
Consolidated dispatch
IT support services
Electronic management services
Sharing recycling services, marine equiptment, street sweepers, road resurfacing crews, anti-graffiti trucks, municipal gas pumps, truck cleaning facilities, and senior and youth health care
Martha Sauerbrey
(County Legislature Chair)

Accounts Payable – Centralized/Connected
Fueling Station/Standby Power
Dog Licensing (Software) – Single Entity
Police Services – village to town/town to county
Clerk Services – village to town/town to county
Court Services – village to town/town to county
Mitigate Impacts on Services
Product Purchases
Training – Centralized
Health Insurance
DPW Shared Equipment (including Soil & Water)
Snow plowing – Duplicate road miles
Rental of State Equipment to save money
Towns/County roads and bridges – Identify duplication or efficiency
IT Services – Centralized/Shared
Tax Bills (Software)
Code Enforcement
Paving – Big Equipment

Joe Mareane
(County Administrator)

A Council of Government Training Academy to provide high-quality training to all local governments in the county.
Creation and maintenance of a Service Modernization Plan, which would automate several routine paper-intensive tasks.
Creation and management of a purchasing pool to facilitate lowest-cost acquisition of contemporary financial software for municipalities that want it.
Acquisition and operation by Tompkins County of a mass notification system available to all municipalities in the county.
Creation and management of a purchasing pool to facilitate conversion of street lights to high-efficiency LED fixtures for municipalities interested.
Expansion of the Greater Tompkins County Municipal Health Insurance Consortium in 2018.
Centralized back office administrative services.
Centralization of the code enforcement function.
A collaborative approach to optimize capacity of the Cayuga Heights and City of Ithaca wastewater treatment plants.
Centralized approach to meet increased storm water management requirements.

Mike Hein
(County Executive)


Rick House
(County Administrator)

District courts
Countywide assessment
Digitized records
Dog control
A.D. Berwagner
(Board of Supervisors Chair)

Countywide zoning
Purchasing of electrical transformers and water meters
IT services
Schools could share fiscal officers and sports teams
Sharing equipment
Green energy
Consolidated assessing

Robert Lawton
(County Administrator)

Court consolidation
Health Insurance
Justice courts
Code enforcement