Take 5 for NY Food Banks

The Seneca County Board of Supervisors recently announced they are donating money to their regional food bank and food pantries and thereby challenged every other county in New York—through NYSAC—to help their regional food banks. 

As part of the NY Counties Lead public awareness effort and the #Take5forNY social connection campaign, NYSAC, in partnership with Feeding NYS, has expanded the Seneca County Food Bank Donation effort to provide an opportunity for all members to take the County Food Bank Challenge.  

The County Food Bank Challenge is designed to help all of the 10 regional food banks in New York continue to help those most needy individuals and families across the state. The money, donations, and morale boosts that are generated by your County Food Bank Challenge will go to your regional Food Bank and be used in your communities. 


Take 5 for NY Food Banks 

(All proceeds benefit your regional food bank) 
Give $5 (or a multiple of $5) 
Volunteer 5 hours of your time 
Say Thank You to Food Bank Workers 

Feeding New York State, the association representing the 10 regional Food Banks across the state, has indicated that beyond anything else, the regional Food Banks need two things: monetary donations and help with boosting employee morale.  

Monetary Donations – County lawmakers can encourage and promote donations that will allow more food to flow into the food banks and help educate the public about the impact of hunger.  

The county can provide a link to their regional food bank donation’s website, where residents can make a secure donation of $5 (or a multiple of $5) directly. These donations will stay local and be used in the communities they serve.  
Morale Boost – Counties can take any number of steps to thank Food Bank workers, many of whom have been working seven days a week since March 8th. Some ideas to say thank you providing a take-out lunch for workers from a local restaurant, sending coffee and donuts, sending a box or basket of candy, or making some other token of appreciation to those who have been working so hard to help those most in need in your communities.  

The state’s food bank network covers every county in New York State, and include the following 10 regional food banks. 


Sample local resolution accepting the County Food Bank Challenge

Below, please find a sample social media graphic that your county can use to promote the initiative. The graphics feature the Take 5 for NY logo and the local food bank of your region in the lower right corner.