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Thank you Erie County, for an amazing 2022 NYSAC Fall Seminar!  Information regarding our 2023 Fall Seminar will be posted soon.  Until that time, please enjoy a visual review of our 2022 event through the photo gallery below.  PDFs of all available workshop presentations are listed for your review and reference.

Photography by Tom Oldfather, NYSAC Communications Manager.

2022 NYSAC Fall Seminar

Please note that the NYSAC Fall Seminar is for county/state/federal officials, Excelsior and Associate Partners, exhibitors and sponsors only.  
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Workshops & PowerPoints
NYSAC Fall Seminar 2022

Counties Responding to the Mental Health Crisis
This workshop will highlight counties’ innovative efforts to respond to the growing demand for mental health services in our communities. In July, the federal government launched 9-8-8, a one-stop crisis hotline to serve individuals experiencing mental health crisis situations. This past year, NYS allocated $35 million to expand 9-8-8 throughout our state. This workshop will also provide participants with an update on these efforts. 

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The Economics of Climate Change: Anticipating and Mitigating Climate-Related Risks
Climate hazards like flooding, hurricanes, heat waves, and sea level rise are already having a profound impact on New York State’s communities, ecosystems, and economy. This session will discuss how climate change is anticipated to impact nearly every facet of the economy and explore how state and local decision-makers can prepare for impacts that may be unavoidable while working to avoid the most drastic effects. 


Communicating the County Budget
The county budget is the foundation of all county operations, but communicating what’s in these complicated documents to taxpayers, businesses, and the community-at-large is no easy task. This workshop will provide tips for simplifying complex budget documents into easily digestible information and effectively communicating what’s in the county budget. 


Preparing for and Responding to Active Shooters and Domestic Terrorists
Following the horrendous tragedy in Buffalo and Uvalde, Governor Hochul signed Executive Order 18, requiring every county and the City of New York to perform a comprehensive review of current strategies, policies, procedures, and practices. Every county and the City of New York must develop and maintain a plan to identify and confront threats of domestic terrorism that include racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists.  This workshop will explore how counties are protecting their residents, employees, and visitors from domestic terrorists and active shooters and how counties are complying with Executive Order 18. 

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Civil Service Hiring Procedure- Rules and Practices to Obtain a Great Workforce
As service demands increase, finding skilled labor in your community has become an increasingly difficult challenge. To add to this challenge, counties must follow state and local Civil Service laws and rules when looking to hire most of their workforce. Learn from our panel of experts how and when Civil Service rules apply to get the best pool of candidates for your county’s staffing needs. This workshop will offer thoughts on State law changes that could help your county obtain the best possible employees. 
"Get Ready, Get Set” - New York State’s Progress Towards Legalizing Cannabis
After months of planning and outreach, New York State’s Office of Cannabis Management expects adult-use cannabis sales to begin before the end of the year. Attend this workshop to learn about the evolving landscape of regulations aimed at creating a safe, equitable, and inclusive cannabis market and the economic opportunities that exist within this new industry. 


Building Back Stronger: Rethinking and Reinvesting in Public Health
Since 2011, the local public health workforce – made up of public health nurses, disease control investigators, sanitarians, community health workers, and other professionals – has decreased by one-third while demands on the public health system have only increased. This workshop will explore how years of underinvestment have weakened our public health infrastructure and offer strategies for taking advantage of the first increase in Article 6 state aid in nearly a decade and an influx of new flexible funding from the CDC to better protect and improve the health of your community. 


IT Trends Coming to Your County 
County IT departments are facing a myriad of new and ongoing challenges and opportunities that are impacting the business of government. A panel of county experts will address a series of topics including leadership trends, staffing challenges, remote work environments, cybersecurity insurance decision making, and transitioning a domain to dotgov. Join us for a discussion on current practices from NYS and across the US, new developments, and common questions facing county officials across the state. 


Beyond the Buzzwords: How to Talk about Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion are important issues in our workplaces and communities, and how we talk about them is equally important. Many leaders find it difficult or intimidating to talk about topics like race, gender, and inequality because they don’t know the right words to use or worry about saying the wrong thing. This session will help county officials to lead conversations with confidence by giving them the tools to dissect their own views and beliefs, overcome language barriers, understand social identities, and lean into the uncomfortable. 

Navigate the Maze of Election Law
Elected local officials provide a great service to their community. Many of our local leaders don’t come from the political world, but instead, find this calling after other life experiences and bring that background and knowledge to their new public service life. While this background is a strength once in office, there are hurdles to getting in and staying in that position, such as understanding the complex system of election law. Join this workshop to learn the does and don’ts during the election process. This training will benefit both the newly elected as well as be a great refresher course for even seasoned members on new election laws and best practices.  
Federal Budget & Legislation Update from NACo
As Congress prepares to enact a new federal spending plan, expert staff from the National Association of Counties will brief New York county officials on the latest happening in our nation's capital. NACo will also provide attendees with expectations for the next congress, which promises to shake up the lawmaking process in D.C. 


Counsel to All - Providing the Public with Attorneys in Times of Need
One of our county governments’ largest roles as public service providers in obtaining counsel for those in need. County government attorneys ensure justice and provide a voice for all within the NYS court system including on criminal and family court-related matters. This workshop will cover how the public counsel system works, present creative ideas counties have implemented to strengthen this public service, as well as discuss state and federal funding available to your county. 
Opioid Settlement Funds ~ What Counties Are Doing to Curb the Opioid Epidemic
New York Attorney General Letitia James has reached settlements totaling over $1.6 billion with companies involved in manufacturing, distributing, and selling opioids. Initial distribution of these funds to counties began in 2022. In 2021, New York State enacted legislation to create a dedicated opioid settlement fund that will ensure that these settlements are directed towards abatement purposes. The legislation establishes an advisory board, appointed by the state and localities, to guide the legislature in appropriating the funds to state agencies, counties, and city governments. This workshop investigates what counties are doing to plan for addressing the opioid epidemic. 


Funding Your County Projects Through Federal and State Grants
All good ideas to help your community with new or expanded services/projects eventually hit the same question: “great, but how are we going to pay for it?” Counties have all been asked to do more with less funding for decades, leading to the inevitable answer to that question: “we can’t.” However, tapping into existing State and Federal grants may change that answer. Learn from our team of experts on existing grant funding for counties as well as how to implement a local system by which you can target and obtain future grant opportunities. 


Veteran Services in New York State ~ The Beginning of New Investments
Join us for a workshop featuring a new statewide project launched by The Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University. Panelists will share a snapshot into veteran services across New York State, and how counties are putting their Joseph P. Dwyer funds to work. 

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Building Consensus in a Political Environment: Understanding Dispute Resolution      
(County Government Institute Core Session) County leaders are often confronted with the need to settle political differences so that the greater interests of the public can be served. During this session, county leaders will learn skills and techniques to help manage and resolve political conflicts.  (County Government Institute Core Requirement –4 credits) 

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The Great Lakes and Beyond: Promoting Water Tourism in Your County
New York State is home to hundreds of miles of waterways that support recreation and tourism in every region of the state. Some counties have succeeded in leveraging their natural assets to become premier travel destinations. This session will discuss how to identify the assets that offer the best opportunities for growth and develop strategies to attract tourism dollars and spur economic development. 

From Here to Green – A Phased Approach to Energy Efficiency
Learn how comprehensive energy master planning can maximize immediate payback opportunities today – while also planning for future technologies that are closer than you think. We discuss a phased approach to electrification, HVAC, heat pumps, and LED lighting. We also discuss renewable energy (solar, storage), fleet electrification, and the role of future technologies. See how a phased approach to energy efficiency can move your community toward its goals. 


Strategic Planning in Your County
A sound strategic plan can provide a long-term multi-year roadmap of goals and objectives that can help your government move forward from where you are now to where you want to be. Grounded by a mission statement and vision, it can be a compass that sets a clear path for the future, while also allowing for the inevitable challenges and opportunities that arise as time passes. Learn from county leaders and experts who will discuss the strategic planning process at both the departmental and organizational levels.  

Joint Inter-Co Presentation: 
Targeting the Next Generation of Local Leaders: Innovative County Solutions to Recruit and Retain Your Local Workforce   County government is not immune to workforce challenges, particularly when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent within their community. We are joined by representatives from Livingston, Monroe, and additional counties who will share their innovative strategies to recruit, retain, and incentivize the next generation to serve. This session will also highlight ways that counties are helping private sector employers in their community attract and retain their workforce. This presentation promises to provide ideas for other counties to explore when developing their strategies to strengthen their workforce, and in turn, their county.  

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Plenary Session
Building James Webb: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the World’s Most Powerful Space 
Telescope   In the weeks since the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) dazzled the world with its first public snapshots of the universe, the powerful space observatory has continued to perform beyond expectations, capturing images and data that will enable a tremendous amount of scientific progress and revolutionize our understanding of the universe. The largest, most complex, and most expensive space telescope ever built, Webb is the product of two decades of innovation and collaboration between NASA, international space agencies, the private sector, and scientists and engineers from across the globe. Join us for this plenary session to hear from JWST engineer Bonita Seaton about the goals that inspired this epic mission and the planning and partnerships that made the telescope’s development, launch, and deployment possible. 


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