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Our History

In 1925, a handful of county leaders came together because they knew they could learn from each other and that their voices would be stronger together in Albany and Washington if they could tell a collective story. They volunteered their time to create the first county-focused educational seminar, and together they advocated for their growing local needs to state leaders in the Capitol.  

This small but growing group of county officials formalized their relationship, calling themselves the New York State County Officers Association, giving rise to what would later become the New York State Association of Counties. 

NYSAC History

Evolving Logos for an Evolving Association

Over our nearly 100 year history, NYSAC has employed several logos.

NYSAC United

In 2022, NYSAC conducted a thorough review of what has made our Association so successful for our first 100 years, and what our North Star should be as we embark on the next 100 years. We found that our greatest strength resides in our unity,  and that when we unite as one county voice, we can achieve extraordinary results for our communities. The NYSAC United logo is a symbol of our commitment to this guiding principle.

The NYSAC Seal

As New York’s counties moved forward into the world forever altered by the arrival of COVD-19 and the ever changing political dynamics that have reshaped our state and nation, NYSAC is turned to a design that captured the spirit of unity and our core mission to our members.

The new design feature two key design elements; a map of the all the counties of the State of New York, surrounded by the four pillars of our mission statement. These elements convey NYSAC’s commitment to fulfilling our mission to represent, educate, advocate for and serve ALL of New York's counties, and the imperative of unity as we move through the challenges counties will face in the coming years as all levels of government recover from the effects of the global pandemic.

The Courthouse

In 2005, NSYAC debuted the iconic county courthouse steeple logo.

The big 9-0!

To celebrate 90 years of advocacy, NYSAC unveiled a special 90th anniversary logo.

The NYSAC Blocks

In one of it's earlier designs, NYSAC employed a seal and block design which featured the outline of the state, and inset graphic depicting a county courthouse framed by the blocks.

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