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  • IT Task Force Report Reflects Top IT Concerns Facing Counties

    NYSAC published the new report featuring the top technology challenges facing counties, including workforce, cybersecurity, IT governance, intergovernmental service sharing, funding and grants, and transitioning to dot gov.

  • Year-End Update: 2023 Legislative Summary

    Read our comprehensive report of legislation with county impact that has passed both houses of the State Legislature 

  • Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises for Local Governments

    Every day, municipalities are at risk from increasingly sophisticated and frequent cyber attacks and continually evolving vulnerabilities. Local governments—like other organizations— must spend time and resources devising ways to reduce a range of cyber-related risks that could significantly disrupt their operations.

  • Cybersecurity Insurance Challenges for Public Entities

    In the past three years, counties and local governments with cybersecurity insurance have seen their premiums increase to double or triple the rates they were paying in 2019. At the same time, they found they were paying more for less.

  • Cybersecurity Primer for Local Leaders

    This Primer is designed as a tool to help you build your own understanding and capabilities so that you can work with your IT and security leaders to assess and manage your county’s cyber risks.

  • Cybersecurity Primer for County Leaders

    The cybersecurity threats to our governments cannot be understated. Breaches are happening right here in New York. Hackers are trying to access your systems right now, as you are reading this Primer. They are sending emails to county employees, they are looking for vulnerabilities in your website, and they are looking for ways into your databases.

  • Municipal Associations Release Cybersecurity Handbook To Prepare Local Leaders For Cyber Attacks Before They Happen

    Counties, Mayors, Towns and UAlbany collaborate on cybersecurity guide for county leaders. 

  • Select Cybersecurity Terms and Definitions

    The purpose of this document is to provide non-technical leaders with an unofficial, yet useful, “quick reference” of definitions of select cybersecurity terminology to support their understanding of the cybersecurity environment.

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