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New York’s Counties: Serving New Yorkers Through Pandemic And Recession

While much of the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic has been focused on State and Federal leaders, county leaders and county workers have been doing the quiet, often unsung work in the trenches that stopped the spread of the virus and made it possible to reopen.

Now that the worst of the health crisis hopefully behind us, New York faces an economic crisis the likes of which have not been seen in generations. As local sales tax revenue declines and the state prepares to make budget cuts, it has never been important for state and federal leaders to understand the services counties provide and how indispensable these services are to communities.

To help shine a light on the work counties do, NYSAC has produced a new report called Counties Serving New Yorkers Through Pandemic and Recession. The report is part of our NY Counties Lead campaign and details the many ways in which county departments are making a difference in the lives of New Yorkers in every corner of the state.

Download the report here.

Whether it's County Health Departments conducting testing and tracing of the coronavirus, Departments of Social Services helping residents through the recession, Departments of Senior Services delivering meals to vulnerable seniors, Departments of Mental Health providing addiction and other treatments, or Departments of Probation working to keep our communities safe, counties are providing the services crucial to keeping the coronavirus in check and getting communities back on their feet.

At this critical moment in our state and nation's history, as communities address pandemic, recession and social unrest, counties are critical to connecting policy and services to the people. Counties are doing our part, now it's up to the State and Congress to do theirs.  

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