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For Immediate Release: June 17, 2024

NYSAC Board of Directors Address Immigration Issues at Annual Meeting

The NYSAC Board of Directors, at its recent annual June meeting, discussed bi-partisan solutions to the immigration crisis facing communities in New York State, along the Southern Border and in counties across the nation.  

NYSAC President Dan McCoy discussed a NACo-sponsored visit to the southern board that took place in March. Several New York county leaders participated in the visit.  

Following the fact-finding trip, NYSAC and the New York County Executives Association sent a letter to President Biden and Congress calling on them to adopt reforms designed to secure the border, invest in our border agents, streamline the legal immigration process, and provide federal funding for New York communities impacted by the influx of asylum seekers.  

In the letter, NYSAC President Dan McCoy and NYS County Executives Association President Steve Neuhaus urged the president and the New York congressional delegation to take immediate action to resolve a series of pressing challenges stemming from the immigration crisis, including: 

  1. Securing the Border by using every emergency power at their disposal,
  2. Streamline and expedite the legal immigration process,
  3. Make investments to ensure the humane treatment of migrants,
  4. Fix the lack of coordination and communication across federal agencies,
  5. Invest in staffing, infrastructure, transportation and better technology,
  6. Provide FEMA funding to support New York City and impacted communities, and  
  7. Enact policies to ensure consequences for individuals crossing the border illegally.

The county leaders are also calling on Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams to post representatives on the border to help asylum seekers more effectively navigate transportation to other areas of the country.



Media Contact: Mark LaVigne| | 518-465-1473 x206

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