NYSAC is proud to present County Conversations, a weekly podcast series with current and topical information focused on county government. Each episode features a discusson on topics pertinent to county government, like updates on policies and interviews with people providing innovative solutions to local issues.

Our podcasts range from 20 minutes long to up to an hour long. You can listen in any order you would like, any time you like. You can check this page each week for a new episode, or tune in on your phone using your favorite streaming service.

If there are any topics concerning county government that you would like to hear us discuss – or join as a guest to discuss – please email our Multimedia Specialist Kate Pierce (kpierce@nysac.org) to turn your idea into soundwaves.

To sponsor the podcast click here for more information, or email our Marketing Specialist Juanita Munguia at jmunguia@nysac.org for more details.

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