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State Budget

New York’s annual state budget process defines the Governor’s and Legislature’s future public policy goals, modifies and updates existing policies and determines the mix of necessary financial resources to implement these plans. Even though county governments in New York have broad home rule authority a primary county function is to act as an administrative arm of the state.

The budget provides the statutory and financing structure for implementing statewide policies and county employees and contractors act as the boots on the ground carrying out many of the state’s programs and policy goals. 

Because the state budget often requires counties to pay for state programs, as well as provide the workforce to implement and administer state programs, NYSAC vigorously communicates the needs and recommendations of our county officials to State lawmakers as they develop and negotiate the New York State budget each fiscal year. 

Below you'll find information and resources about  NYSAC's budget advocacy efforts and the impact on counties of various budget proposals.

Latest NYS Budget News

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