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In nearly every county of New York, most locally raised revenues are spent on state and federal mandates. A mandate occurs when the State or Federal government directs a county to:  

  • Implement a state/federally defined and controlled program or provide a service (Medicaid, welfare, child support collections, etc.); 
  • Meet an environmental, labor or other state/federal standard; 
  • Construct/upgrade a facility (courthouse, jail, etc.) subject to prevailing wage and Wick’s Law requirements; or 
  • Provide a tax break or exemption to non-profits, select groups, etc; or limit growth in the property tax levy.  In a typical county anywhere from 15% to 30% of the value of all property is exempt from property taxes under state law.    

These state and federal mandates usually come in two forms: unfunded and partially funded. Very seldom is a state-imposed mandate fully funded. 

Latest News and Information on State Mandates

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