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  • Making the Property Tax Cap Permanent

    The NYSAC fact sheet below provides county priorities in regard to the tax cap. While the cap is now permanent, counties are still seeking the implementation of the priorities expressed in the fact sheet. 

  • County Wide Shared Services Report

    This report provides an overview of the first two years of the state’s county-wide shared services program.

  • Whitepaper on County Coroners and Medical Examiners

    This whitepaper from December 2018 explains the duties of coroners and MEs and explains the funding and staffing challenges they were experiencing at the time of the report’s publication. 

  • Consolidated Funding Application Whitepaper

    The CFA is a web-based application designed to streamline and expedite grant applications through NYS. This report explains how counties can take advantage of the CFA to learn about and obtain new funding sources for local projects. 

  • Shared Services Ideas

    Results from NYSAC survey members for suggestions for opportunities to improve the sharing of services. 

  • Five Ways to Protect the Pollinators that Foster our Food and Eco Systems

    Five easy-to-implement measures your county can take to protect pollinators and other beneficial insects so they can continue to support our diets, environment, and local economies.

  • Select Cybersecurity Terms and Definitions

    The purpose of this document is to provide non-technical leaders with an unofficial, yet useful, “quick reference” of definitions of select cybersecurity terminology to support their understanding of the cybersecurity environment.

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