Public Safety

Public Safety involves the protection of the general population from all manner of significant danger, injury, damage or harm, such as may occur in a natural disaster, and the prevention of the same.

Within a county, this protection is typically provided by emergency services departments that include, but aren't not limited to: the Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Management, Probation, 911 Coordinators, District Attorneys and County Fire Coordinators.

Many of these county emergency services create and initiate programs to enhance the productivity and professionalism of public law enforcement and public safety personnel in New York's counties.

White Papers and Reports 


Recent Resolutions

September 2018

January 2018

  1. Resolution Calling on the Governor and the State Legislature to Provide Funding for the State Mandate Pertaining to Inmate Supervision/Drug Overdose Precautions at County Operated Correctional Facilities 
  2. Resolution in Support of Efforts to Improve Probation and Alternative to Incarceration in New York State to Protect the Public and Reduce Reliance on Prisons, Jails and Detention 
  3. Resolution Calling on the State to Reimburse Counties for the Temporary Detainment of Parole Violators at Local Correctional Facilities 
  4. Resolution Calling on Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Office of Interoperable Communications, to More Equitably and Efficiently Release the Interoperable Emergency Communication Funds Authorized