County Budget and Finance



ClearGov is the leading provider of Budget Cycle Management software, focused on helping to streamline the annual budgeting process by improving the collection, creation, and communication of their budgets.

ClearGov solutions are powerful enough to support local governments and counties of every size, yet affordable enough for even the smallest communities. Nealy 800 local governments across the country, including several New York counties, rely on their cloud-based Budget Cycle Management solutions to modernize their budgeting processes and produce award-winning budget books. NYSAC and NACo are both proud to be strategic partners with ClearGov. 


Cashvest by 3 + 1


Threeplusone provides a new level of liquidity analysis, producing evaluations that can be used to generate more value and new revenue on a county's current cash deposits.
With a property tax cap and slower sales tax revenues, budgetary pressures have never been greater for counties and local governments in New York State.
Cashvest helps municipalities realize new revenue to increase stability and maximize liquidity – all while increasing yield on deposits. The New York-based national leader in the field, Cashvest uses proprietary algorithms to produce data-driven analysis and time-horizon evaluations. This information is applied to safely increase yields on current cash deposits and enhance revenue sources.
Cashvest is not a bank or a registered investment advisor. They simply provide a pure and independent perspective on making certain every dollar you have is being put to work efficiently, every day.

NY MuniTrust, 100% New York

The New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) has endorsed NY MuniTrust’s recently launched local government

 investment pool (LGIP). Created to support public entities’ liquidity needs in the state of New York, NY MuniTrust provides an investment program committed to maximizing liquidity, convenience and competitive rates of return.
Developed in collaboration with BNY Mellon, NY MuniTrust offers two short-term, highly liquid investment funds for operational cash managed by Dreyfus, BNY Mellon’s affiliated liquidity manager. BNY Mellon and Dreyfus, both headquartered in New York, support NY MuniTrust by providing custody, fund accounting, record keeping, client servicing and distribution for the investment pool through various BNY Mellon affiliates.
NY MuniTrust offers the Excelsior Fund to counties and the Empire Fund to municipal corporations, including Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), school districts and fire districts. The funds’ short-term fixed income investments are permissible under the New York State General Municipal Law (GML), and the funds are rated 'AAAm' by S&P Global Ratings, the highest rating assigned to principal stability funds.
In addition to NYSAC, NY MuniTrust also has an endorsement relationship with the National Association of Counties (NACo).
For additional information about the services provided by NY MuniTrust, please visit or contact BNY Mellon Institutional Services at 1 (833) NYS-MUNI.

Some of these partnerships provide fees to NYSAC in exchange for the endorsement, marketing support and program oversight, and for the right to be the exclusive provider of the products under the program, which is a common practice in the public sector market. These fees help to stabilize dues for our member counties and benefit member counties through our ability to improve and expand the services, education, and training that we provide.