Insurance and Safety Programs

After conducting a rigorous due diligence process, the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) has chosen to partner with the following companies as preferred service providers. NYSAC believes these superior programs that can help counties save money and provide exceptional services.


New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal

The New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal (NYMIR) is a non-profit municipal insurance program governed by local government officials for New York’s local governments- counties, towns, villages and cities. Learn more!


Workers Compensation Program (PERMA)

NYSAC has partnered with the Public Employee Risk Management Association to develop a workers' compensation program tailored specifically for counties and county workers' compensation pools. Learn more!


Municipal Healthcare Financing Collective

Counties have partnered to create a stop-loss captive, examine high-cost claims, and develop innovative solutions to better serve their employees drug and health care benefits. The collective combines covered lives to lower and stabilize the cost of stop-loss insurance for each member’s self-insured county health plans. Learn more!


Broome County Purchasing Alliance

NYSAC has partnered with Broome County to help counties reduce health insurance costs through a new multi-municipal Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug (MAPD) for retirees. The program is a shared service model that brought the highest quality retiree health benefits program to participating entities, which are saving an average of 26 percent per year. Learn more!


School Bus Stop Arm Camera Safety Program 

Verra Mobility is a global leader in smart transportation. NYSAC has partnered with them to create a school bus stop arm camera program that helps protect students getting on and off the school bus safely by reducing the number of school bus passing violations.

School districts within a county that enacts a school bus stop arm cameran program can use Verra Mobility to increase student safety in their communities.

More than 15 million drivers endanger children by illegally passing a school bus throughout a 180-day school year, according to the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services.
School bus stop arm cameras are proven to positively change driver behavior and enhance road safety by reducing accidents that occur when drivers pass school buses with their stop arm extended.


NYS Volunteer Firefighter Cancer Benefit Program

This program helps to protect volunteer firefighters by offering financial support should they receive a cancer diagnosis, while keeping costs low for taxpayers and the program responsive to recovery needs. NYSAC has worked with other statewide municipal associations (the Association of Towns and the Conference of Mayors) and fire service associations (FASNY, AFDSNY, and the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs) to develop and sponsor the program. Learn more!

Click here for Q&A about eligibility and features of the program.

Some of these partnerships provide fees to NYSAC in exchange for the endorsement, marketing support and program oversight, and for the right to be the exclusive provider of the products under the program, which is a common practice in the public sector market. These fees help to stabilize dues for our member counties and benefit member counties through our ability to improve and expand the services, education, and training that we provide.