Medicaid & Human Services

This SFY 2021 Executive State Budget proposal includes three separate initiatives, referred to collectively as “Medicaid Local District Spending Reforms” that would impact the Medicaid local share county taxpayers pay in support of the state Medicaid program. 

  1. Cap eFMAP Federal Fiscal Benefits to Counties — Caps the amount of federal savings for counties and New York City from the Affordable Care Act. As proposed, the savings would be transferred to the benefit of the state financial plan.
  2. Require Counties and NYC to adhere to the 2% Property Tax Cap or lose the savings from the state-funded local Medicaid growth cap.
  3. Adhere to a Local Share Medicaid Costs Increase of No More than 3% — If a county’s local share and associated savings exceeds 3% in any given year, the county is required to refund any excess benefit over 3% back to the state.

NYSAC Position

Counties oppose efforts to alter the local Medicaid cost control caps that have helped counties stay under the tax cap and provide services locally. We urge the removal of Part R of the Health and Mental Hygiene Article VII language from the Final Budget, and the accompanying $150 million cost shift to county taxpayers. Counties are working with the MRT to address what is under local control and recommend solutions that are under state control.

Federal Response to Coronavirus

Under the leadership of Senator Charles Schumer and the New York Congressional Delegation, the House recently passed a federal aid package that increases federal Medicaid funds, called eFMAP.  New York State will receive billions of dollars in new federal Medicaid funding from this proposal and counties will receive hundreds of millions of dollars. These funds will bolster the state and counties during this critical time. 
We need your help to support our federal and state leaders as they complete their work on the federal bill and budget this week.

Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT)II

The Future of Medicaid Spending Report

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Local Government Medicaid Briefing

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County Recommendations to the MRT

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