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Excelsior Partner: Broome County Purchasing Alliance

The Alliance's MAPD program pools the purchasing power of multiple municipalities, community colleges, and school districts to reduce costs, risks, and future rate instability for retiree health coverage by securing competitive coverage and rates for participating entities.
The program is designed for the Medicare-eligible retirees (those 65 years and older, and pre-65 members with certain qualifying disabilities) who are covered under the municipalities' health insurance plan. The Alliance's national provider network is a Passive PPO program that includes all doctors that accept Medicare as In-Network to help ensure that all participants have the same or more robust coverage than the existing program. Additionally, most plan retirees pay lower co-payments and out-of-pocket expenses, with no co-payments for all generic prescriptions. The Alliance plan also provides a bonus prescription list that includes drugs that are excluded by Medicare but commonly used by retirees.
The benefits gained by smaller municipal groups include a rate guarantee through 2024, lower premiums, more competitive options, benefit enhancements, and provisions, only available to large groups.
Most retirees participating in plans 1 and 2 receive lower co-payments and out-of-pocket expenses with all generic prescriptions classified in tier 1 at $0 Copay. Refer to plan summaries for complete details. Plan designs can be viewed on the SPANY.ORG website.
All participating entities were successfully transitioned without any issues. UHC's Retiree Solutions assembled dedicated service teams for the Alliance to coordinate all retiree onboarding, implementation, and open enrollment without disruption to their health coverage or the municipality's staff. Their seamless transition process includes scheduling and holding both in-person and virtual retiree informational meetings.

Douglas Bulman
P.O. Box 459
Vestal, NY  13851
Phone:  607-222-1203

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