Cybersecurity threats are not theoretical. These threats are real and they cannot be ignored.

Breaches are happening right here in New York. Hackers are trying to access your systems right now, as you are reading this Primer. They are sending emails to county employees, they are looking for vulnerabilities in your website, and they are looking for ways into your databases. They want to disrupt your work, destroy your systems, exploit your data, and hold it ransom for payment.
In response to these threats, county leaders asked NYSAC to devote resources to help counties better understand cybersecurity, the threats posed by hackers, and tools and processes for being better prepared to manage the risks facing critical information systems and data.
NYSAC worked with the Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany to establish a statewide advisory panel of state and local IT experts to develop the attached Cybersecurity Primer for County Leaders. We have also held workshops and webinars and established a new NYSAC IT Task Force, which will meet at each of our NYSAC conferences.





Workshops & Webinars  

NYSAC IT Task Force

The NYSAC IT Task Force that will serve as an advisory group to discuss major information technology (IT) and data issues that impact the operations and governance of counties, such as cybersecurity preparedness, procurement, and related county activities and state legislative proposals. 
The taskforce is designed to include a range of county officials that work directly and indirectly with IT, data, and security, including county IT directors, county board members, administrators, DSS commissioners, county clerks, emergency managers, planners, election commissioners, clerks of the boards, as well as any other county officials interested in participating on the committee.
The mission of the IT Taskforce will be to work cooperatively to provide advice, strategic direction, collaboration, and insights for the safe, secure, and effective use of information technology in counties (and all governments) across New York State.)