At NYSAC's Fall Seminar and winter Legislative Conference, county delegates from across the state meet in standing committees to develop, discuss, and adopt resolutions on issues impacting counties. The resolutions highlight the priorities of New York's county governments and make up the foundation of NYSAC's Legislative Platform. 

To view resolutions by policy topic, go to the Policy Areas page and click on the name of the standing committee on the left side of the page. The most recent resolutions for each committee are listed under the current year.

The full PDFs of NYSAC's resolutions can be found below.

January 2019

Download the full PDF of the 2019 Legislative Conference Resolutions packet.

September 2018

Download the full PDF of the 2018 Fall Seminar NYSAC Resolutions packet.

January 2018

Download the full PDF of the 2018 Legislative Conference Resolutions packet.